SAVAS the Innovator

SAVAS innovation

Innovation is a process of translating an idea or a concept into a good and reliable business model and is often a result of thinking different, thus keeping you significantly apart from the common rest. In today’s world dominated by new technologies and concepts around the Digital Media cropping up every minute, getting recognised by the right target audience is the biggest business challenge for all corporations. We at SAVAS strongly believe that consistent Innovation is a key to this challenge. Innovation can become a primary catalyst for the growth and success of every business that will help corporations scale and adapt better in the marketplace. SAVAS unlike the competition is good at both Evolutionary and Revolutionary Innovation models that are unique and completely client specific. Our reliable Innovation models are based on an in-depth understanding of every client, their marketplace, their clientele, their target audience, competition and their roadmap for the future. We at SAVAS know that businesses that innovate have the better chances of creating more efficient work processes and have better productivity and performance.

By Innovation we don’t mean consistent inventing and investing, but to keep understanding, adapting and evolving according the marketplace that you strive in. The attention or the eye ball time we corporations get from our prospects is considerably low compared to the earlier days as distractions for one’s attention are plenty to find on the internet. It is very easy for the curious prospect to click on the ‘X’ situated on the top right corner of every screen and move on. It is becoming extremely challenging for all marketers today who are working hard to extend the visitors stay on their digital assets without indulging in premature exiting. It is now time to clearly understand your audience and adapt yourself accordingly so that they can understand you better and evolve along with the market to be continuously associated with your customers no matter what the competition does to distract them. With SAVAS by your side, Innovation will be an in-built component of your business strategy and the strategic vision. With the strength of our innovative thinking and creative problem solving, you have all the possibilities of leading the pack at all times with a competitive advantage.

We at SAVAS always adopt a two prong approach taking into account both internal and external parameters before deriving any digital strategy for our clients. For us it is important to know why and how came into a being, what you want to be and what you have to get there. At the same time is also important to understand your market environment, your customers, their needs and wants and your competition. In order to help you get there, SAVAS has a simple five step approach.


Our team will thoroughly analyse every component of your business and understand its existence and contribution coefficient in terms of need vs effectiveness and identify gaps if any. Do a SWOT analysis with all the business parameters considering the good have and must have criteria’s.


Strategize the way forward considering the findings from the detailed analysis and the defined business roadmap. Defining a well calculated and balanced Digital Strategy with an optimised budget is very critical in deciding the future of a business.


Design and deployment of all the digital assets within the appropriate timeframe as per the strategy is crucial considering the evolving and competitive market. We always suggest the shelf life of a digital strategy to be not greater than six to nine months from the date of defining the strategy.


Constant evaluation of all the measurable parameters is necessary throughout the life cycle of the Digital Media existence. The beauty of Digital Media compared to other forms of media is it being extremely data friendly. This is where we get to know the performance of all the digital assets and compare it with the initial parameters in order to measure the improvement.


Refining of the digital strategy from time to time is necessary for an evolving market such as the digital media. All the measurable parameters are taken into account in refining or tweaking the strategy and making it more effective than before.

The most common element with all our clients is that they are open to new ideas and adaptable to change. Innovation is not possible if you are against change and without innovation, it becomes very difficult to compete in today’s extremely volatile and competitive market. So if you think you are open for new ideas and a breath of fresh into your business, pick up the phone and call us or write us an email and one of our executives will reach out to you within no time.