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Digital Media is all about being Innovative and unique. If you are one among the rest with no difference, nobody cares. SAVAS understands this and always strives to help our clients to be ahead of the competition to get noticed and heard. Identifying ones uniqueness and presenting it in a way that will make it viral is what we at SAVAS do. At SAVAS we love competition as it promotes innovation that is great for the entire Digital Media industry.

Thought Leaders

The Dawn of Digital Era and the pace at which the corporations are embracing Digital Media and its associated technologies is really alarming. This development has prompted the brains at SAVAS to think proactively and come up with a framework that will safeguard the interest of corporations and the faith of consumers in the virtual and fragile world of Digital Media. The result of our efforts is the Corporate Digital Responsibility or CDR in short.


SAVAS has successfully designed a Website Audit framework that has over 300 parameters to evaluate the health of your digital asset. The second best audit framework has just over 100 parameters to go with. This easily stands apart from the competition, becoming the world’s most advanced audit report. For you to enhance your digital assets and drive more business through your website, all you need to do is to get your assets score more in the audit.

Industry Gurus

The emergence of Social Media combined with the explosion of the Mobile network and its users has opened new avenues for today’s marketers. SOLOMO is a strategy that combines the strength of Social, Local and Mobile into one master strategy that will help corporations infuse brand engagement and thus harness brand loyalty. We at SAVAS can proudly claim to be one of the very few companies globally to master the art of SOLOMO strategy effeciently.


The Crux

Defining the

The Crux, The Core, The Foundation or The Basics, however one would want to call it, the success of a company always depends on its base strategy. Our association with our clients start right from defining the digital strategy pertaining to the brand and will go all the way to execution and analysis that gets only better and better until the overall brand objective is achieved.

The Guru


A Guru can be anybody from a Teacher, a Counsellor or even a Mentor but will always be the one who guides us. We call Analytics the Guru as this is the element that tells us what is happening, what to do and where to do as far as campaign management is concerned. A campaign management can be anything from an email, Social media, organic search or even a paid ad campaign.

The Soul


A soul is immortal and at times considered as the emotional or intellectual energy within. Similarly Search and Social campaigns is the soul of a digital strategy as these are the ones that will give the emotional strength to the brand and will stand by the brand when in need. At SAVAS we know in digital marketing ‘Content is the King’ and will do just that.

The Fuel


The fuel for any Digital Strategy is in the web existence itself, without which there is no going forward. At SAVAS we know that your web existence cannot be a mere existence and has to be very unique if we have to make a mark in today’s competitive market. We support our clients in bettering their web existence in all its forms, be it the site, mobification or even apps.

The Essence


Essence is the indispensable quality of anything, especially something abstract, that determines ones character. The essence of any business is their customer relations. SAVAS understands this like none in the industry and therefore goes the extra mile of owning up the support functions of our clients unlike the competition to build and harness the undisputable power of brand loyalty.

The Fire


A Fire is always seen as fast, dangerous and disastrous but the same is being used by our race for ages. Email and Reputation marketing is like a fire that very few in the market have the knowhow of controlling it. SAVAS together with our service partners have built the excellence in exploiting the email technology and converting it into an effective market intelligence tool.

The Need


A Need for any business is the ability to reach the target audience effectively in a way that is mutually beneficial. Being creative and mobile enabled is the need of the hour as we see an explosion both on the mobile user base and the technology as well. SAVAS understand this best and has therefore built a formidable mobile app design and development team that is second to none.


'Simplicity is the Ultimate form of Sophistication' is what Leonardo Da Vinci once stated and we at SAVAS follow this religiously to the last letter. The way SAVAS sees Digital Marketing is again very simple. For us, the fundamental A, B, C, D, E of Digital Marketing as conceived by SAVAS applies to any form of business, any type of organisation and any kind of industry. At SAVAS, our key mantra is to un-complicate things so as to achieve the business objective of converting a Curious Visitor on your web asset into becoming your Brand Ambassador willfully with a smooth, justified and a simplified approach.

The SAVAS Attract-Convert-Engage-Binge-Delight

SAVAS is the result of years of experience, dedication, perseverance, exposure and the opportunity of working shoulder to shoulder with some of the very best and gifted individuals in the industry. We do not believe in shortcuts or bypasses and therefore will not opt or choose anything that is unethical to our style of functioning. All we assure you is the best of efforts with the best of industry knowledge and the results will always be fruitful and long lasting. At SAVAS we are committed to make a difference in the market through quality and effecient services.


SAVAS is based out of Bengaluru, India and is functional out of Basavanagudi. Use the below location map guide to visit us anytime.


Flat No. 102, # 64, Sapthagiri Apartment,
East Anjaneya Temple Street,
Basavanagudi, Bengaluru 560004. India.
Contact No. +91 80415 26965