Corporate Digital Responsibility Consulting

SAVAS Corporate Digital Responsibility

Corporate Digital Responsibility or CDR in short is a framework that was indigenously formulated by SAVAS for the corporations of today who are aligned with the use of Digital Media. This framework is a result of years of experience and exposure to the harshest and toughest business scenarios and environments clubbed with the opportunity of working alongside some of the best brains in the Digital Media domain. CDR is a Brand Building activity that will increase Brand Loyalty of your consumers against the competition.

CDR can be defined as 'the norms of appropriate and responsible corporate behaviour with regard to digital data management and related technology use'. Our consultants will align themselves with your internal team in understanding and defining a framework that will suit your line of business. We will work towards defining the overall implementation process of the CDR framework and will also oversee the process if need be.

The CDR framework is the most latest and the most unique of all branding activities after the Digital Media explosion. During this engagement, our consultants will be engaged in defining executable framework and processes around;

  • Data Owning
  • Data Security
  • Data Handling
  • Employee Ethics
  • Data Contribution