Social Media Optimisation and Marketing

SAVAS Social Media Marketing

Social Media has been the talk of the century. Nobody knew that Social Media would become such a rage as it is today. Some of the statistics are absolutely mind boggling. If Facebook were to be a country, it would be the largest country by population overtaking China by mid of 2015 is a popular prediction. Such is the might of this social media platform that more than 1.35 Billion people worldwide use this networking site alone. The social media today is being used extensively across all genres, ages and creeds. Being present on Digital Media alone will not suffice your ambition of meeting your ROIs without making use of the Social Media.

In order to make the best of Social Media, it is important to understand Social Media the right way. SAVAS has indigenously devised an unique approach that will help corporations and business individuals alike to make the best of Social Media. Please refer our blog article ‘Social Media Simplified’ to know about our approach that is unique and yet simple to implement into practice. Given the current condition, it is always wise to be there on Facebook and other popular social media networks if you want to be in touch with the market you are serving, else there would be a disconnect that might affect your future prospects as a business. As the popular American Author Erik Qualman quotes “We don’t have a choice on whether we do Social Media, the question is how well we do it”.

Social Media is no longer a choice, it is a must for all businesses and when it is a must, you will need the best. At SAVAS, we have some of the best Facebook certified professional who can help you build and execute personalised social media campaigns on not just Facebook alone but on all leading social media networks with ease. We are also equipped with knowledge about third party tools that will help you gauge social media sentiments about your band and services across all popular social media networks and populate results in the click of a button. Technology evolves on a daily basis and with technology changes the approach. It is always a chase to catch up with the latest and we at SAVAS are always on our toes to be up to date with the day to day technology advancements.

With SAVAS by your side, you just need to focus on your business and let our experts do their magic in terms of building a campaign that is second to none. Our experts are all of Techno-business functions who can understand the nuances of business ethics and client relations to the best. Our work starts right from the basics in understanding your line of business, your customers and target audience, your competition, your strengths and weaknesses if any and then derive the profile management and campaign management strategy that would be tailor made for you fit in just right.

During this engagement, our experts will be involved in activities around;

  • SMO and SMM
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Customer Engagement Matrix
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Customer Relations and Support Management