Application Development

SAVAS Application Development

Gone are the days when the application development community was dominated by web app developers only. In today’s mobile centric market, most of the web apps comes with a mobile interface in order to enable the mobile users to access the application using their mobile devices on the move. At SAVAS we have qualified engineers who can build apps for both web and mobiles alike. Our engineers will not only help you build an application but will also work towards strengthening the ROI initiatives in parallel.

The advantage of having SAVAS own the application development for you is that you will have all the necessary inputs such as the design, market intelligence, UI and UX excellence, marketing strategies, implementation tactics, market acceptance and adaptability and so on available at one single place. As a result, you will have faster turnaround time, quicker implementation and launch timelines and a better ROI compared to other competition in the market. Our app developers are from a techno business function where they will be able to assist you with a logical, market acceptable and strategic thought processes whilst developing the application for you. We have expertise to build applications on all popular web and mobile platforms.

During this engagement, our engineers will be involved in activities relating to;

  • Web / Mobile application design and development
  • UI and UX Optimisation
  • Marketing and Implementation Strategies
  • Market Acceptance and Adaptability
  • Content Development and Moderation
  • SOLOMO Strategy
  • Data Capturing and Analytics
  • Ad Serving tools and platforms