Integrated Marketing

SAVAS Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing, by definition is the application of consistent brand messaging across both traditional and non-traditional marketing channels. This means that the marketing communication across all marketing channels such as the Traditional Media such as the outdoor hoardings, Print Media such as the Newspapers and Magazines, Electronic Media such as the Televisions and the Radios and the Digital Media such as the Internet will communicate the same message with the same look and feel in a standardised way. This is what you will hear from the competition in the Digital Marketing services industry if you ask. We at SAVAS take Integrated Marketing to an all new height by bridging all the channels to cross communicate with each other, there by feeding info to one another to collectively achieve the overall business objective of increasing the market reach and exposure and therefore the market share.

Integrated Marketing can also mean, integrating all your marketing channels with in Digital Media as well. This means that we can sync email marketing channel with the SMS marketing channel and the social media marketing channel and so with the search engine marketing channel and so on and so forth. The logical conclusion should be to ensure that each of the channel is capturing info and sharing it with the rest of the channels so as to build and implement a strategy that will encompass all the customer related information for the growth of the organisation and the brand.

At SAVAS we believe in hiring Techno-Business experts who have both the technology knowhow and the business acumen needed to think logically and practically. Our experts can therefore come up with processes that will interconnect with different functions within your organisation and collect data pointers from each. These data pointers when shared across with the remaining functions will enhance the deliverables exponentially. For us, integrating your internal delivery and marketing functions is as important as integrating your external marketing channels. A very basic and simple example to start with would be integrating your Point of Sale with the Reputation Management function to capture the customer details such that it can be used for regular and personalised communication to happen with the customer. These communications can in turn be used to capture and spread the word of how satisfied one can be by being a customer of your brand. Similarly, SAVAS experts can come up with numerous methodologies and logical connections between functions by integrating which, your organisation can get the best to achieve your overall business objective in a smooth and logical way with a maximum ROI on your marketing budgets.

With SAVAS by your side, you just need to focus on your business and let our experts do their magic in terms of building a campaign that is second to none. Our experts are all of Techno-business functions who can understand the nuances of business ethics and client relations to the best. Our work starts right from the basics in understanding your line of business, your customers and target audience, your competition, your strengths and weaknesses if any and then derive the profile management and campaign management strategy that would be tailor made for you fit in just right.

During this engagement, our experts will be involved in activities around;

  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Content Development and Moderation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • UI and UX Optimisation
  • Customer Support Management
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Reputation Management and Marketing
  • Unified Marketing Strategy