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Email Marketing and SMS Marketing are the most abused of technologies in Digital Marketing today. For what started as a genuine channel for one-on-one personal communication has turned to a menace these days, all due to the greed of some unprofessional individuals and organisations who use this channel for scamming and cheating people. Research suggests that more than 85% of emails end up being spam and is increasing at an alarming pace. There are however, antispam filters put in place but the spammers are finding new ways and avenues to bypass the filters. With majority of the emails being considered spam, the genuine marketers are paying the price for the mistakes of someone else. All is not lost and there are still ways of reaching out to your audience in a simple and yet pragmatic way and that is to ‘Follow the guidelines prescribed by the ISPs’ and your chances of reaching the inbox of your targeted audience increases substantially.

Years of experience into Digital Media has taught SAVAS that there is no alternate for being ethical, not even near to and we blindly follow that. We have seen marketers of today adopting the ‘Spray and Pray’ approach, wherein they spray millions of emails in the dark and then sit and pray that at least a few of the recipients go through the mail and reach out to them. The success rate of such campaigns in most instances is well under 1% and that is not encouraging at all. But, all is not lost as we at SAVAS can help you conquer your fears by providing services that will get you the best results on all your email and SMS marketing campaigns. We practice international standards where spamming is an offence and do not indulge in such activities. We work with genuine clients with genuine intents only as ethical practices are of the highest order at SAVAS.

Our campaign experts at SAVAS are well qualified to assist you on all your pre-campaign activities and as well as the post campaign activities. Pre-campaign activities such as campaign planning, design templatisation, data cleansing and checking for spam keywords are as important as post campaign activities. Our post campaign activities will revolve around gathering intelligence in the form of meaningful and insightful business reports. Our analytics experts will help you with reports such as;

  • Email Client Stats

    This metrics show how your recipients view your emails and which ISPs. Compare desktop vs. mobile clients, or view details for particular email clients and browsers and optimize your emails for your audience’s preferred way to read it.

  • Social Sharing Stats

    Measure the buzz your emails generate across the Web. Count tweets, likes and comments. Stats for the most important social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ can help you decide which media works best for you.

  • Smart Reporting

    Set up automated reports to be delivered via email on a regular basis, i.e. 3 days after publishing the message. Interactive graphs tell you everything about your campaigns from opens and clicks, to bounces (soft bounce and Hard bounce), to reasons of unsubscribe.

  • SAVAS Email Marketing
  • Email Campaign Comparison

    Compare the results of two campaigns / messages and find out which one generated better results. Easily analyse opens, clicks, unsubscribed and conversions, and you will have a clear picture of what works best for your audience and why.

  • One Click Segmentation

    With one-click you can select responsive sub-groups and send relevant content to those who open or click your message. For those who didn’t open the previous email message, tweak the title and send your message again.

  • Metrics over time

    Find out what hour of the day and day of the week your subscribers take action on your emails. For future campaigns, you can group your subscribers based on time-of-day preference and send your message at the most responsive time for them.

  • Email Reach Analysis

    Know if your recipients forwarded your emails to somebody else who might be interested in the services you offer. Track both Organic and Inorganic forwards on all your email campaigns. Know your campaign reach across geographies directly on the map and also in the form of tabulated results location wise. Also know the reach density as to which regions have received your emails more and which one less and so on.

  • Content Consumption Stats

    Know which part of your email content is getting more attention so that you know where to invest more and where less. Collect reports dynamically on which part of the email body is getting more attention and plan your strategies accordingly.

  • Email Health Doctor

    Contact list cleansing from invalid email addresses and those with hard bounce case history. Subject line validation, Email body content validation, Keyword integration and analysis, Spam Content Filtration, etc.

Based on our exposure and knowledge with international clients and tools, we have built an in house mass messaging tool that can handle email, SMS, MMS and Whatsapp marketing campaigns on a single platform. The tool is currently in the beta version and will be available for our beta-customers soon. If you wish to evaluate our beta tool, please feel free to write to us on or use our ‘contact us’ page to request for a beta access.