Customer Relations Management

SAVAS Customer Relations Management

One thing that is common across all businesses irrespective of the industry or the region is the Customer Relations Management. This function, according to other Digital Media Services companies is not a part of their services forte. But at SAVAS, we extend our services to cover customer relations and support management functions, coz., we know the importance of a satisfied customer and how important that customer can be to get 10 new customers. Research suggests that the cost involved in acquiring customers through references is 10 time lower than that of acquiring a customer without a reference. It is therefore of utmost importance to keep the satisfaction level of your customers at the highest levels possible if you need to gain more customers through references. At SAVAS, we know this and therefore have framed our services to cover the customer relations management as well.

Our Customer Relations experts come with a variety of experiences in the CRM arena under different brands, verticals and functions. One thing that is common in all of them is that they know what it takes to get a reference from a customer and they will do just that. Our experts will sit with your internal team to understand and study your existing CRM structure before coming with strategies that will be required to execute the exercise stage by stage As a part of the exercise our experts can come up with conducting mass surveys, one-on-one interactions, Seminars and Webinars and any other form of interactions with your end customers to come up with the detailed insights into your customer relations. Post the data collection exercise, our experts will come up with recommendations that can help elevate the customer satisfaction levels of your brand.

The benefit of having SAVAS manage this function for you will help you get an exact picture of what is happening to your CRM initiatives and how fruitful have your efforts been so far. We will be able to come up with rectifications and enhancement measures to up your customer satisfaction levels to an all-time high. Our experts at SAVAS are so well versed with the CRM function that they are capable of coming up with recommendations and strategies for improving the brand loyalty of your customers as well. Finally, SAVAS can incorporate all this info into the Digital Media Marketing channels in various forms and ways, eventually synchronising all the offline data with the online channel and thereby completing the 3600 of Digital Media and Marketing.

During this engagement, our CRM experts will be involved in activities around;

  • Customer Relations Management
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Content Development and Moderation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Customer Support Management
  • Reputation Management and Marketing
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