Digital Marketing Orientation Program

The Digital Marketing Orientation Program is designed specifically for the Marketing team, the Senior Management Team and the Business Stake Holders of businesses and corporations. During this program, SAVAS speakers will take you through all the nuances of Digital Marketing and How to benefit from it in today’s market that is being dominated by big brands spending millions and billions of dollars on ads and vendors alike.

Digital Marketing Orientation Program

We understand, setting up an in-house Digital Marketing team will involve space and higher costs with additional costs on hiring senior manpower to manage the junior manpower and so on. There is no reason for all businesses to master the art of Digital Marketing and execute everything in-house but what is important is the knowhow of what is what in Digital Marketing in order to understand and manage the business roadmap ahead in an informed and logical fashion without any unwanted surprises.

It is a fact that none of the brands of the 20th Century and all non-internet based companies of the 21st century did not start their businesses believing the Digital Marketing. All these businesses were setup due to the confidence that they had in their own field. This would mean that the business operators are operating based on their knowhow in their area of business and they are the best in it. It is very unnatural for all these professional to master the art of Digital Marketing in order to survive and flourish in the extremely competitive environment created due to Digital Media. The easiest way out for these business houses is to hire an agency that will manage the show for them with their intellect and the domain knowhow. But, there are examples where the brands had to bear the brunt due to the negligence or ignorance of the agencies cost the business houses dearly. A few classic examples would be that of the BMW, BBC, Forbes, jcpenney and so on. It is therefore very necessary that the brand’s marketers have the basic knowhow of how Digital Marketing works, so that they can understand and monitor the deliverables of the partner agency appropriately and with the Digital Marketing Orientation Program, you just get that.

During this program that last around 30 hours, our speaker will take you through;

  • Understanding Web Analytics
  • Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Web Presence Strategy
  • Digital Media Asset Management Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • SOLOMO Strategy
  • Reputation Marketing Strategy