Content Development

SAVAS Content Development

Content is always the king in Digital Media as this is what makes people to come to your web assets and consume it, like it and share it. Content can be in any format, be it textual, pictorial, video or even a combination of all. Whatever the form, the content has to be unique, legit, convincing and catchy. Only then will it be successful in attracting visitors to the asset and encourage them to share it with others. Content development is no joke and cannot be handled by amateurs as it is the most crucial piece in the digital media frame without which the entire digital media exercise will suffer. Not only will the visitors hate your site but the search engines will hate you too.

With SAVAS managing your content development piece, you will have access to resources who are multifaceted unlike the competition who only provide single facet resources. SAVAS always believe in promoting resources who understand each and every element of Digital Media such as the Search, Social, Reputation, Email and so on but also an expert on Content Development side. This way there is an immense difference to the content developed by our resources compared to the competition. This way, we eliminate duplication of efforts from other related teams such as keyword integration, plagiarism evaluation, social media optimisation and so on. As a result, there will be shorter lead time and economical cost implications associated with it.

During the content management engagement, our team will be involved in activities relating;

  • Web Content Development and Moderation
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Search engine Optimisation
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Social Media Content Development and Moderation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Reputation Marketing