Reputation Management and Marketing

SAVAS Reputation Marketing

Reputation takes many years to build but only a few hours to break. It is therefore of utmost importance to groom and harness the power of good reputation in a constructive way where it fights off the bad reputation on its own without the business owners needing to do anything. Our consumers of today have grown smarter with the power of Digital Media. They search for online reviews, competitive prices, better service backup and a brand reputation before making their buying decision, even if the point of sale is a store nearby. With technology evolving and assisting consumers to have information on their fingertips the maturity level of the market is getting higher and higher as we progress into the 21st century. Armed with the readily available information and clubbing it with a reference from within their social network, the consumers of today are much smarter than their predecessors.

Given the kind of maturity the consumers of today are showing, there is no way one is going to avail your product or service if you have a bad reputation to precede you. Ultimately your business is going to die a slow death if you do not initiate necessary action in this regard. We at SAVAS understand this first hand and can help you fix any reputation related issues within the shortest possible timeframe. We not only work on rectification activities but also work around reputation building and nurturing it as well. There are many competitors in the Digital Marketing industry who offer services called Reputation Management but a very few who offer Reputation Marketing. We need to understand that Reputation Management is one thing and Reputation Marketing is all together a different beast to handle and none of these are easy.

Reputation Management is all about understanding your consumers and taking a stock of the reputation you have and then building a strategy that will focus either on repairing bad reputation if any or work towards building reputation from scratch using the consumer base you already have. No matter what the initial approach is, the next stage is obviously about acquiring as many reviews as possible and fixing issues with the unhappy customers and converting them to become happy customers. One thing that we need to remember is the fact that these converted customers are the best resources for Reputation Marketing and the chances of these becoming loyal customers is higher when compared to the regular happy customers.

At SAVAS, our experts only work towards establishing and marketing the reputation gathered but will also build a strategy on how to share them online and get more people to see, like and share them. We are one of the very few Digital Media services company who believe in the fact that Reputation is not a constant and there is a need to put in efforts on a regular basis to ensure it is at its best. SAVAS therefore has developed a strategy that will help you rid of your worries in this regard. Our team of experts will evaluate your organisational culture and particularly with functions such as the support functions, delivery functions and any function that will have an involvement in customer interaction and come up with recommendations that will help build a culture to build and nurture reputation as a regular practice and not as a separate function on its own. This activity goes a long distance where in the customer satisfaction and their involvement in building brand loyalty will be at the highest levels. With SAVAS by your side, you will no longer need to worry about your reputation as we will ensure that you get to hear more and more good things about your brand.

During this engagement, our experts will be indulged in activities around;

  • Reputation Management
  • Reputation Marketing
  • Customer Relations
  • Support Functions Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Development and Moderation
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation