Creative Development

SAVAS Creative Development

Creativity is a talent that cannot be taught but can only be fostered. SAVAS is one of the few fortunate companies out there to have some of the most creative minds in the industry. Creative development like the common industry perception is not limited to designing ads and graphics only but is actually linked with extending the brand identity into all elements of the corporation’s web presence. We at SAVAS know this first hand and have been doing just that for our clients. We not only design and develop corporate logos and websites but go the extra mile of designing company visiting cards, corporate presentations, letter heads and even the company physical interiors in line with the brand identity. The granularity of the design can be as intense as defining the font type and style that should be used for all their corporate communication to defining a colour code for all their representations and so on.

Creatives can also be called as the extension of content given the evolution in the Digital Media today. The new trend is that of the info-graphic which is the combination of text and graphics together. People no longer have the patience to sit and read through the lengthy textual content and therefore the birth of the info-graphic that will drastically cut down the data consumption time. Every website is competing actively to increase their traffic and viewership and therefore have to be better than the rest. This competition has created a race for innovation and to be unique and distinct than the rest. Being creative helps corporations get maximum eyeballs to focus on their web assets compared to the rest of the competition.