Customer Support Management

SAVAS Customer Support Management

Many good products and services in the market had to bite the dust due to bad customer support management. There is no two thoughts about calling the customer support as one of the most crucial indicators for the growth of a brand. The better the support, the better the satisfaction and thus better the growth prospects. There have been instances in the past where, some not so good product were liked by the customers since they had a wonderful support function. At the same time there were instance where some brands had to bite the dust as they failed on the support function even though they had a descent product.

For SAVAS, it is the business success that matters and therefore have decided to get into this functional service even though it is outside the Digital Marketing paradigm. We see a relevance of this function in supporting the Reputation Management and Marketing service by providing us the access to build and manage customer relations that can be further used in both Reputation Marketing and also on the CRM side as well. We all know, how good a reference from a happy customer would be if you can get one and SAVAS will help do just that. Our experts will work with your internal support stake holders in participating either actively in providing support or will passively monitor the proceedings and make a case of every concern or issue. We will help you identify the trend and pattern of issues and come up with an in depth analysis that will help you define a corrective action that can counter the issue from repeating itself.

Our skills in CRM, Data Capturing and Analytics will help you immensely in understanding your customer woes if any and to come up with definitive measures that will counter them effectively. Add to this our Digital Marketing knowhow and our ability to relate the happy endings into our social media marketing and reputation marketing which will generate positive vibes that will give you brand uplift to sail through rough tides when necessary. Not to forget our exposure into international market and the experience working shoulder to shoulder with some of the best brains in the global arena, we can give you just the support you need to get noticed, recognised and chosen.

During this engagement, our experts will be involved in activities around;

  • Customer Relations Management
  • Email and SMS Marketing
  • Content Development and Moderation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Customer Support Management
  • Reputation Management and Marketing