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SAVAS is the result of years of experiences across industries and business functions at various levels. The business model was conceptualised during late 2013 and became a registered business in April 2014. Time since then into active business and with many hits and few misses to learn from, we are evolving into a more matured, knowledgeable and a reliable organisation every day. Started with just 2 resources with a work-from-home tag, we now have two office locations with a formidable team of 10+ and are growing fast alongside the increasingly dynamic Digital Media and Marketing domain.

As a Digital Marketing Expert, SAVAS has many firsts to its credit. We are the first organisation in the world to formulate ‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’ that could be the turning stone for the businesses of today and the future to enhance their brand loyalty against the tough market conditions. We also have the credit of devising the world’s most ‘Advanced Website Audit Report’ that is so extensive and up-to-date that just the concurrence of the mentioned parameters are sufficient to make your website rank among the best in the world. SAVAS is also one among the very few companies globally to promote and advocate the use of SOLOMO strategy extensively. Not to mention, we are one of the most unique think-tank you can find for all your Digital Media and Marketing needs.

History: We chose this name due the fact that every business and corporation is at war with every other when it comes to Digital Media and Marketing. The condition of today’s global market is every bit like a war where everyone wants to be the best, to be identified and recognised amidst a competition that is tough and ruthless. We as a product and service provider will be complimenting the conditions with our tactical knowledge and strategic support to those who seek expert advice, guidance and execution know how.

Trivia: So that you know, SAVAS as a term is a Palindrome and in Turkish means ‘WAR’.


To add value and clarity to the rapidly evolving Digital Media domain with a pragmatic, yet simplified approach. Offering products and associated services in Digital Media and Marketing to help business houses and corporations of all sizes and trends to adapt and benefit using Digital Media. Support the transformation of a business with a continuous, easy, smooth and seamless approach.


To be identified as one of the most preferred vendors for any and all business houses or corporations looking to foray into any market or segment for consultation, products and services around their Digital Media and Marketing needs.

About the Promoter

About the Promoter

Backed with around 16 years of varied industrial and functional experience, Prrashanth H Nagaraj is a man on a Mission. Together with a few likeminded individuals, SAVAS was made a reality to contribute and add value with flavour to the already augmented Digital Marketing Arena. He comes with a strong technical background, Master’s in Business Administration specializing in International Business and Marketing, from the University of the West of England, Bristol. His work experience comes from various industries such as Engineering, Banking, Insurance, IT and ITES at various levels in Management. All through his experience with different industries and verticals, one thing that remained constantly common was his Client Relations role. In all his previous endeavours, he has been the go to person for any client relations related topic.

SAVAS is Prrashanth’s first venture as an entrepreneur. He has penned more than 40 Digital Marketing related blogs under the brand SAVAS. His most popular work thus far is on trying to draw a parallel between the work of Al Ries and Jack Trout ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing’ with today’s Digital Marketing trends. The experience gathered while in the Digital Marketing domain has led SAVAS to formulate the frame work around ‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’ which is the need of the hour for all corporations using Digital Media.

Prrashanth’s strength has always been his creativity and the talent to think different. He has multiple credits to his favour from all his previous colleagues and superiors. He has always been attracted to challenging situations and that is what gets the best out of him. His approach to any complex conditions is just one – to uncomplicate it and simplify. He can be reached directly on prash.hn@savasinc.net. Feel free to write to him anytime if you wish to connect with him and discuss about anything related to Digital Marketing and its roadmap.