Data Analytics Consulting

Digital Media is all about Data and its ease of availability and with data availability comes knowledge. Our consultants at SAVAS are some of the best brains that one can find in the market today. What merely seems and looks like basic numbers to most will look like a pool of information for us. We can help you get accurate and meaningful information in the form of market intelligence from any data that you might have. Be it the regular report generation from past events, activities or campaigns or be it the predictive analysis for the future based on the past efforts and its associated results, our consultants can help you get the best. We are well versed with most of the third party free and paid data analytics tools available in the market to set you sail in the big league of your chosen industry.

SAVAS Data Analytics Consulting

In marketing it is very critical to do things in the right time, in the right place and for the right people. If one goes wrong, the whole initiative might fail miserably. History has proved over and over again that only the knowledgeable with access to data intelligence can be a winner. How good is the data, if the interpretation is faulty? As it is rightly said ‘A Data is only as good as the Interpreter himself’. It is therefore necessary to have your data managed and analysed by the best brains possible. Our team of consultants can help you achieve the mightiest of objectives with least hindrance and with highest precision with the power of Data Analytics.

During this engagement our consultants will focus on areas;

  • Data Capture and Retrieval Strategy
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Mining
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Discovery Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • ROI Identification and Optimisation