Digital Media Orientation Program

The Digital Media Orientation Program is for all the people working in the corporate environment regardless of the position and the role they are in. This 20 Hrs program is to educate all the concerned about what Digital Media is and how to manage its use and abuse. It has almost been about two and a half decades since the first website was up and most of today’s corporate employees still have no clue as to how digital media works. Being a part of the Digital buzz is easy as the devices that gets you connected with the world is available aplenty at affordable prices. Based on SAVAS varied experiences across various industries and regions at a global scale, we have learnt that there is an immediate need for the education of the corporate folks on the fundamentals of Digital Media, its pros, its cons and its future.

Digital Media Orientation Program

Today, it is very important for all individuals to be aware of what we have in Digital Media for each one of us and how do we use it to the benefit of mankind. This is also a part of the ‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’ policies we define to educate your team on the pros and cons of Digital Media as a must. It is necessary that we educate our team and they educate their loved ones on the ifs and buts of Digital Media in order to avoid the ill effects of Digital Media and to use it responsibly.

As a part of our CSR activities we are in talks with a

‘NIMHANS’ National Institute of Mental Health And Neuro Sciences, Bangalore, India,
venture called the SHUT (Services for Healthy Use of Technology) Clinic. You would be shocked to know the age of the youngest patient at the SHUT Clinic, the Kid was barely 5 when he came for treatment for technology abuse. The oldest patients can go up to the age of 75. Technology these days has opened a can of worms through the internet, if we do not know how to handle the situation, the condition can be critical. We have reported cases of suicides being committed due to technology abuse which is the worst possible thing to happen for the mankind. SAVAS has therefore owned up the responsibility to educate the corporate world of the benefits and the limitations of using Digital Media with the sole purpose of spreading the word across. We very well know the potential of today’s corporate community of spreading a word of caution when necessary, all we need is an initiative to start it.

At SAVAS, our experts only work towards establishing and marketing the reputation gathered but will also build a strategy on how to share them online and get more people to see, like and share them. We are one of the very few Digital Media services company who believe in the fact that Reputation is not a constant and there is a need to put in efforts on a regular basis to ensure it is at its best. SAVAS therefore has developed a strategy that will help you rid of your worries in this regard. Our team of experts will evaluate your organisational culture and particularly with functions such as the support functions, delivery functions and any function that will have an involvement in customer interaction and come up with recommendations that will help build a culture to build and nurture reputation as a regular practice and not as a separate function on its own. This activity goes a long distance where in the customer satisfaction and their involvement in building brand loyalty will be at the highest levels. With SAVAS by your side, you will no longer need to worry about your reputation as we will ensure that you get to hear more and more good things about your brand.

This program is for all corporate professionals at all levels who have access to Digital Media within their working premises. Access to Digital Media can be even as simple as someone who has access to emails and generic internet with even limited access as per the company norms. As a part of the Digital Media Orientation Program, our speakers will share information on;

  • Media and its forms
  • What is Digital Media
  • Evolution of Internet in India
  • Why Digital Media
  • Digital Media History
  • What is Digital Media for you
  • Digital Media Pros
  • Digital Media Cons
  • Online Data Security
  • Ecommerce and online banking – Risks and Benefits
  • Personal Profile Management
  • Professional Profile Management
  • Professional Etiquettes and Digital Media
  • Changing Trends of Digital Media
  • Future of Digital Media
  • An introduction to Digital Marketing