Digital Media Fundamental Consulting

SAVAS Fundamental Consulting

A basic Digital Media presence is a minimum requirement for everyone, be it a corporate or an individual. Our consultants will work with your team in order to build a basic and fundamental Digital Media presence that should be just right to get you going. This package is suitable for Individuals, small corporations and start-ups who lack the basic Digital Media exposure that is necessary for them to be recognised among the elite in their industry.

During this engagement, our consultants will look into your line of business where you fit in and will help you in;

  • Defining a Brand Identity that is as unique as you would like it to be in a way that is in line with the best practices of global standards
  • Identifying and formulating an USP component
  • Identifying a segment category in your line of business to claim and to be identified as the first among the lot
  • Building a communication pattern that will assist you to stake claims about your USPs
  • Defining a website that is just right to start with – not too light or not too complicated
  • Defining the content as to how you should be recognised among your peers
  • Defining the minimum Social presence that should not be a overkill considering the initial stages
  • Create a passage to enter the group of unique, successful and the elite in your line of business