Digital Marketing Strategic Consulting

SAVAS Digital Marketing Consulting

This is an advanced level of using Digital Media from a strategic standpoint to take on the marketing activities full fledge. This is for those corporations and individuals who already have the fundamentals of Digital Media in place and would want to press the accelerator pedal to go to the next level of battle on the Digital Media and Marketing warfront. Our consultants will work very closely with your internal marketing team to establish the digital roadmap, to pick the pressure points and to place data sensors at every stage accordingly. We will help you lay out a detailed plan that starts from media planning and buying to data retrieval and analytics.

During this engagement, our consultants will work on areas concerning;

  • Web Presence Strategy
  • Digital Media Asset Management Strategy
  • Brand Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Reputation Marketing Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy
  • Campaign Marketing Strategy