The SAVAS Differentiator!

SAVAS Industry Differentiator

Being a Digital Media services company, we get confronted by many asking us if we are an Agency like the rest in the market. Well, YES we are similar to what the Digital Marketing Agencies do but NO we are not the same. We offer all the services that the regular digital marketing agencies do in the market and we also do much more than that. We offer a 3600 services on Digital Media and Marketing. Our services start right from the stage where we evaluate your line of business and your target audience and come up with a road map for your digital media journey. Unlike other agencies in the market, our services go beyond the regular implementation, maintenance and analytics all the way to owning your customer support as well.

Our service offerings are channelized under the six elements that revolve around a common core that controls the six like a sun gear controlling the planet gears. All the six elements though independent from each other will exchange intelligence via the core that will decide on what and how should each of the planet deliver. Below is a brief illustration on what each of our elements means to your business and there by illustrating the differentiator between SAVAS and the common rest.

SAVAS crux

The Crux


The Crux, The Core, The Foundation or The Basics, however one would want to call it, the success of a company always depends on its base strategy. Our association with our clients starts right at this stage where we sit together with all the stake holders in understanding the basic nuances of the business, the market they strive in, the target audience, the competition, the consumer behaviour, any previous or historical data that can be used by our analytics team and so on. This is a stage where most of the cliental interaction revolves around SAVAS experts trying to dig deeper in understanding their business achievements, goals and objectives. A SWOT analysis can also be done in case the client does not have a recent one to share with our experts.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the Brand Onion Identification, Budgetary norms, building a Digital Vision Summary, defining and agreeing on a Strategic Digital Initiative Road Map, defining an Online Value Proposition, 7P Analysis, Marketplace review, Identifications of KPIs, Inter-Departmental and inter-Media Channel Integration, Channel Strategy, Reach and Conversion Strategy, Engagement Pattern, E-communications Strategy, Target Audience Mapping, Defining and Building a Lead Management System, Competitor Analysis, Strategy Formulation and Prioritisation Summary, Mobile Strategy, Asset Management Strategy and a complete website health check using our Advanced Website Audit Report.

At the end of this stage, a Digital Strategy would be defined by the SAVAS experts with a complete buy-in from our client. This strategy will be defined in such a way that the SAVAS team, together with the client will revisit the basics regularly on a periodical basis to fine tune it as implementation and analysis of other related elements progresses. This stage like all the other will be active till the overall business objective is consistently achieved.


The Fuel


The fuel for any Digital Strategy is in the web existence itself, the more the web presence more the distance covered. At SAVAS, we strongly believe in a balanced approach and being balanced means to have optimum presence across the online domain. It is important for the business to have a presence that is just apt to what is needed and should not overdo it. All that is important is to be present at places where your target audience have a foot print as you cannot risk your competition gaining an upper hand in your absence.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the Website Design, Website Development, Website Deployment, Mobification, Mobile Site Design and Development, Mobile Application Design and Development, Asset Synchronisation, UI and UX Monetisation, Web Application Development and so on.

SAVAS has the team that is just right for this purpose. The years of experience that our experts possess is just about right to give you the right kind of presence in the right kind of places online. We not only design the assets such as the website, web and mobile applications, social presence and so on but also will implement and manage them for you in a way that is just apt for your purpose of capturing the market. This will be an ongoing exercise keeping in mind the overall business objective to be achieved.


The Soul


A soul is immortal and at times considered as the emotional or the intellectual energy within oneself but is always known as ones inner strength. For any given business, the trust their customers and clients bestow on them is the soul that will keep the brand going and trust can only be built and maintained via the open communication between the two. In Digital Media, the best communication channel for any brand is the Social Media presence they have. This is the perfect way to improve engagement and advocacy with your audience in the most effective way. Added to it is the content that should befit the stature of your business as we all know ‘Content is the King’ in Digital Media and with the customer first attitude, there is no looking back for sure.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the SEO, SMO, Social Media Profile Management, Content Development and Moderation, Setting of Business Goals for Social Media, Blog Development and Deployment, Visitor Engagement Metrics, Paid Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimisation, CPC, CPM, Communication Strategy, building a Content Hub, Content Marketing Strategy, Webmaster Management, Article Submission Management, Directory Management, Integrated Social Media Marketing Strategy, Design, Analysis, Video Content Strategy, Development and Implementation of Social Listening tools and so on.

At SAVAS we call the Search and Social campaigns as the soul of a digital strategy as these are the ones that will give the emotional strength to the brand and will stand by the brand when in need. Being present in Social Media and doing nothing or sharing info once in a while will not help the cause if you have to garner a good follower base. SAVAS has therefore developed an indigenous communication pattern that is just right to keep your followers engaged with the right mood at all times. SOCIAL for SAVAS means different when compared to the competition, please read our blog on ‘Social Media Simplified’ to know how it matters to your business.


The Guru


A Guru can be anybody from a Teacher, a Counsellor or even a Mentor but will always be the one who will guide us. In Digital Media, the Analytics component is the channel through which we get the info about how your web assets are performing and what is lacking and so on. We therefore call Analytics the Guru who will provide us the basic info for our team to fine tune your web assets in a way that can get the best out of them.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the Google Analytics, Campaign Design, Deployment and Management, Data Acquisition Strategy, Data Analytics, Data Reporting Strategy, What-IF Analysis and so on.

Web Analytics plays a major role today in all of Digital Media as we know, be it the mobile application or the website, Social Media or any of the Online Communities, Email campaigns or the SMS campaigns, be it the search element or even your ads going on the publisher network. Whatever and wherever your web assets are present Analytics provides us the right info as to how each of the assets are performing. Analytics is an ongoing practice and we at SAVAS have the best mathematical minds that one can get in today’s market.


The Need


A need for any business is the ability to reach the target audience effectively in a way that is mutually beneficial. In today’s world where people are known to make rapid decisions as they have choices aplenty. As a result, most of the businesses get very less eyeball time from their online viewers. It is very important to grab their attention within the shortest possible timeframe and to do so, creativity is the key. The more creative one can be, the more they get viewed. Being creative can be both in the form of textual content and graphical as well, but in today’s audience, none has the time to go through a text no matter how interesting it is. As a result, the Info-Graphic came into being which is a combination of textual and graphics depicted in a way that they get together and recite a story or a message in a way that gets noticed and can get shared easily.

Taking about today’s audience and not talking about how mobile savvy the town has gotten cannot happen. Smartphones have completely changed the way communication used to be just a decade ago. To be in line with your audience, you have to be with your audience and no better place than being available on the smartphone anytime somebody is looking for you. Earlier days had seen companies managing more than one website, one for the regular users and one for the mobile users, not anymore. Enter Mobification technologies, we now have smart technologies that can alter the look and feel of your website based on the receiver screen, no matter how wide or narrow it is.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the Creative Design and Development, Brand Identity Moderation Tactics, UI and UX Moderation and Optimisation, Info-Graphic and Video asset Development and Management, Web Data Analytics and so on.

SAVAS has some of the best minds in business who can be creative and attentive towards the overall cause of achieving the business objective. It is the combination of being both creative and logical thinking at the same time that gets the right attention and therefore the right audience that increases the chances of achieving your overall business objective effectively.


The Fire


A Fire is always seen as fast, dangerous and disastrous but the same is being used by our race for ages as we came across the benefits. Email & Reputation marketing is like a fire that very few in the market have the knowhow of controlling it. Email technology is one of the most abused technology within the Digital Media domain. Compared to the European and the Americas, spamming is not an offence in our sub-continent as yet and therefore we get tons and tons of spam that comes into our email account. Thanks to the ISPs, we don’t get the whole ton into our inbox. As per research by major antispam technology companies, more than 80% of the emails are categorised as spam and almost 90% of them gets caught in the anti-spam net. The rest depends on our inbox policies that the user sets. What we tend to forget is, this is one of the best channels to have a direct interaction with the concerned if you know who. Marketers of today use what we call the ‘Spray and Pray policy where they spray millions of emails using bulk messengers and pray to get more calls or enquiries from those who might read their emails.

SAVAS has access to some of the best technical geniuses in business and is focussing on building a platform that can change the way we now look at email solutions. Not just building a tool, we are also the best in business for devising and implementing Email Marketing strategies that has a higher ROI and closure rates compared to any others. This is no miracle but pure mathematics, our team will sit with your team in understanding the Historical Data, your Line of Business, your Target Audience and can come up with strategies that can not only better your ROI but will enable you to build an audience who will readily accept and share your messages as and when they come by.

Reputation is hard to get and very easy to lose, we all know that and we have a lot of historical evidences to prove this theory. There are many questions that get asked around the Reputation Management. How do we Identify, Qualify and Quantify Reputation? Then comes the question on How to Monetize Reputation? SAVAS has answers to all these questions and beyond. We at SAVAS have developed strategies and processes that will not only help you do all of the above but will also enable you to Groom, Harness and Grow Reputation. We will help you in not only building and marketing Reputation but will also enable you to build a culture that is Reputation friendly within your current organisational culture.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the Email Marketing Strategy, Campaign Management, Data Collection, Data Analytics, Report Management, ROI Management, Devising Engagement Enhancement Matrix, Reputation Management and Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Reputation Enhancement Tactics and so on.

SAVAS Essence

The Essence


Essence is the indispensable quality of anything, especially something abstract, that determines ones character. The essence of any business is the customer relations that they have. Every business strives hard to keep their clients and customers happy and will judiciously do whatever they can to get there. The real challenge in getting there is that most of the business owners do not know the ground reality of what is happening on the customer satisfaction side. Some business owners live in the illusion that they have a happy and content customer base just because they are not getting to hear any complains where in the actual truth is a distant reality all together.

Research confirms that most of the unhappy customers often do not complain and just move on. The reason can be anything from not being interested in continuing a relationship with your company to not knowing how to complain. This is a dangerous development and we have seen this happen to most of the brands in the past where they just ignored to accept that there might be dissatisfaction brewing their customers midst and will only get to know when it is too late to react. It is therefore very necessary to have a strategy and process in place to avoid such a situation from happening forget recurring. It is very unlike for any agency or service providers in the Digital Media Domain who own up this activity with their clients, but we do. SAVAS based on the years of rich experience understands this like none in the industry and therefore goes the extra mile of owning up the support functions of our clients unlike the competition to build and harness the undisputable power of brand loyalty.

During this stage our discussion will be primarily based around the Customer Relation Management, Reputation Marketing, Data Analytics, Data Collection Mechanisms, Customer Engagement Matrix, Integrated Marketing Strategy, Interdepartmental Relations, Organisational Cultural Enhancement, Training Programs, Brand Awareness Campaigns and so on.