SAVAS the Industry Guru

SAVAS Industry Guru

In today’s era dominated by smart technology and interactive gadgets, it has made us marketers think on how to exploit the opportunity of dynamic targeting. Easier said than done is what everyone will say for sure. SAVAS is one of the very few companies in the world who promote SOLOMO strategy for B2C companies to take control of the situation and to be in the driving seat in today’s extremely volatile market. Smartphones have started to overtake the traditional handsets in the mobile market and a major contributor for this is the social media explosion. Consumers of today’s generation like to be well informed all the time. Majority of the smartphone users are being very active on social media, sharing information about a lot of things they are interested in. The smartphone helps the users to stay connected with the world at all times.

Using a smart phone with live location services and active on social media is all that is needed in an ideal world to know what the user is doing, considering the user has willingly approved the marketer to pick on him. Thus is born the SOLOMO strategy where SO is for Social, LO is for Local or Location and MO stands for Mobile. Our team of experts at SAVAS are the best you can find in the market to design and implement a SOLOMO strategy that will enable your marketing team to build a direct channel with each one of your customers even if the number is in millions. So strong is the power of SOLOMO strategy that your marketing team will be able to build dynamic targeting campaigns on the go using the intelligence provided by the defined tool. One important benefit that the SOLOMO strategy will bring in is the growth of Brand Loyalty across your product and services portfolio.

A SOLOMO strategy would suit the B2C companies best but we can also help B2B companies based on the industry they are in and the clientele they have. A SOLOMO strategy can be designed and implemented for any industry and any kind of business. Our team of experts will be associated with your internal team right from the beginning at all levels in the process of analysing, defining and deriving the strategy before it goes to the design and implementation stage. To know how SOLOMO strategy can benefit your line of business, call us or write to us to book an appointment with our experts and one of our executive will get in touch with you the soonest possible.