SAVAS the Thought Leader

SAVAS Thought Leader

It has been more than a decade since the invasion of Digital Media into our lifestyle happened and it is showing no sign of slowing down. In fact, if we look back, the adoption of digital media has been one of the fastest when compared with other technologies being adopted by the masses in the history of mankind. Today, more than 95% of the major corporation across the world are using digital media in one way or the other. We will consider a company to be digital media friendly if they use even one computer for the official purpose. Very soon, we can claim almost all of the registered corporations across the globe to be digital media friendly. Given the scenario, we are moving into an era of extreme digitization of every data known to us today. Very soon, every piece of data that is associated with any individual or a corporation as we know of, will be stored on an electronic device in a digital format somewhere, someplace.

We are all aware of the fact that Corporations worldwide are the major stake holders when we look at the digital data stored. Digital data with corporations can be of its own employees, customers, vendors, distributors and can be of anybody who is associated with them. In such extreme conditions where all of one’s data is in a digital format, a threat of the data being used for malicious purposes such as identity theft and others starts to loom. It is therefore a need for an ethical code of conduct to be exhibited by corporations worldwide.

SAVAS is the first company in the world to initiate an unique and process driven frame work to help corporations reach out to all the stake holders. We help our clients to exhibit a responsibility around owning one’s data within their company’s digital devices. This we call ‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’ that will help the corporations in exhibiting corporate ethics and as a result increase brand building and brand loyalty element to an all new high.

‘Corporate Digital Responsibility’ or ‘CDR’ in short is a multilevel frame work that will enable the corporations to reach out to their clients and customers to exhibit corporate ethics at the highest level. In today’s world where data hacks and thefts are a common thing, knowing that the corporation you are associated with takes special care about your data is something to feel comfortable about. No doubt there are security guidelines and standards that corporations follow but none that can get as personalized as the CDR. Pick up the phone to call us or write us an email and one of our executive will reach out to you to share more information on how we can help you build and implement your very own CDR policies.